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Couples Counselling with Talk-it-Thru


Couples counselling is for everyone whatever the personal situation - a couple can be married, in a same sex relationship, a heterosexual relationship, living together or living apart - because all relationships go through good and bad times but sometimes things get really stuck and often communication breaks down. At these times it can be impossible to see a way forward. That’s when talking it through with a trained relationship counsellor can help and I am here to listen and support you both. As a qualified couples counsellor I would would never criticise or judge but would provide a safe and confidential environment for you both to explore your issues in order to reach a better understanding of the difficulties you each experience in the relationship, the challenges you face and the changes that need to be made to enable a way forward. My aim is to offer support in resolving conflicts and open up channels for effective communication by offering a consistent, thoughtful and, most importantly, unbiased presence through times of difficulty. There are many reasons that couples seek help such as when one partner has had an affair or got into debt; when there is illness or stress; when children are born or leave home, when there are health problems; sexual problems; significant life changes or events or when issues resurface which were left unresolved. Often couples are part of a wider extended family with children from previous relationships and necessary contact with previous partners that can cause many stresses and disagreements. In addition each person brings their own childhood influences and the belief and value systems they inherited. When these influences and values are different confusion and conflict can result.

In the counselling sessions the focus is never about placing the blame or responsibility on either individual, but rather on carefully exploring the interaction between the two people – their communication, behaviour and emotional patterns. In couples counselling it is the relationship that is important and the aim is to increase understanding and insights about repeated patterns of behaviour, frustrations or escalating and circular arguments; help reduce the power of disappointments and hurts, both past and present, and ultimately open up a way for each partner to discover new ways of relating and listening to each another.

The most desired outcome of couples counselling is to help a relationship improve; moving to a place of happiness, security and harmony and to provide the couple with the skills to perpetuate this whatever life throws at them.


Most couples I work with come to counselling to improve their relationship and find new ways of being and communicating with each other but there are some who come because they feel they have reached the end of the road and need help in ending the relationship in the best way possible. Whatever the situation it should never be considered a sign of failure to seek help from an impartial outsider when things get too difficult to manage in a close relationship and in fact it is a very brave thing to do.

I know how important it is to find a therapist that you both feel comfortable with, so our first session together would be an informal, no obligation meeting to ensure that we can all work together.

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